What is Boom Learning?

Guys and Gals!  I am telling you If you have not tried or heard of BOOM Learning you must go there after reading this post.  Hopefully this post will make you want to go there even more.  My kids LOVE BOOM Learning™(I do too!!)

What is Boom Learning?  Boom Learning allows students to complete task cards in a digital, game-like format.  Boom Learning task cards are called Decks.  Students receive instant feedback, becuase the decks are self-checking.  Teachers can see Real-Time scores and progress.  You can see who needs help with particular skills, cards, or tasks.
Students are completing a Deck as a whole class
This report shows which students have tried the selected deck, time spent on it, and percentage correct.
This image shows an individual student's results for each assigned deck.

This image shows the results of each question in a selected deck.  As you can see he got 1 question wrong.  If you click on the red bar, you can see what answer he selected and what the right answer should have been.
Boom Decks:  There are several types of Boom Decks.  Students can complete multiple choice, fill in the blank, multiple answers, or matching.  Also, several Boom Decks may have sound.  Sound is a feature that Boom Learning offers  and you may find sound in some Boom Decks you purchase.  All Boom Decks make a sound when the students answer the question (one sound for correct and a different sound if they are wrong).
Multiple Choice Example
How can you get Boom Learning?  First, a teacher or mom will need to go to the Boom Learning Website and create an Account.  Depending on the number of students you have, you may need to pay a little bit of money (Generally 9 dollars a year is enough to cover the cost of an entire classroom.). After signing-up, you can browse through the store to find many free decks that you can assign to your student(s) for them to play and complete on their device.  Don't worry, if you don't find any free decks, you can purchase many for under $2.00.  You can also search Teachers Pay Teachers for many Boom Decks as well.  Boom Learning has an app (FREE) that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, App Store, and Kindle Fire Store.  
When you download the Deck, instructions will be included on how to assign the deck to your students.
Student using IPAD to complete Deck.
How do your students get a Log-In:  After creating an account for yourself, you will create a class.  After creating the class, you will add students to your class.  It is simple.  You just type their name.  You can also give them specific username and passwords if you would like.  After setting up the class and adding students, you are ready to assign decks that you have purchased (either free or paid) or download from TPT to your students.  That is it.  They are ready to play!
My Tip:  I would make all usernames and passwords similar in case the students forget (imagine that), you will automatically know their account information and won't have to look it up.  Here is what a class roster looks like.
What if you don't have any Devices?  If you don't have any devices, your students can play on computers with modern browsers.  You can also play whole class by displaying the Boom Deck on an Interactive Whiteboard.  This is great for whole class practice.  To project on an interactive whiteboard, just use your log-in using your log-in information.  You can display and play the deck under your name.
My Tip:  I like to project the Boom Deck and give the students a recording sheet.  They write their answer on the recording sheet.  When everyone is finished, we answer together and continue through the deck.
Reviewing together as a whole class.  This activity is interactive on a SmartBoard.
Can You Create Decks Too?  If you are the creative type, you can certainly create your own decks to assign to your students.  Of course they can be as simple or complex as you would like (Let's face it, I'm no pro).  There are many YouTube videos that you can watch that will walk you through creating Boom Decks.  From the studio side of Boom Learning, you can create decks with many different button options and features.  You can sell your decks on both Boom Learning and TPT.
The Design Studio part of Boom Learning.  Here you will create all of your decks.
My Tips:  I found multiple choice to be the easiest type of Boom Deck to start with.  Again, this is just a tip and maybe you are comfortable with another type.  I also create almost all of my cards in PowerPoint before transferring them over to the BOOM Learning Studio.

My Boom Decks:  I have a ton of Boom Learning Products made already.  Many of them are FREE.


You can check the above decks and many more (several are free) out on Teachers Pay Teachers or on the Boom Learning Website.

When Do I Use Boom Decks:  
1.  I assign a deck to my students when we are working on a skill.  At some point during the week, they are going to complete the Boom Learning Assignment over the skill we are working on.  I hold them accountable by making them play through the deck until they get a 100 percent.  They usually do this as part of their "Must Do" work during station time.

2.  I will use it as review.  Throughout the year, I will reassign decks for review to see if they can still master the skill previously learned.

3.  We use it for review before an assessment.  I will project the assignment (using my account) on the Interactive Whiteboard and we will complete it together.  The students will write their answers from time to time on a dry erase board.

4.  From time to time, I do take grades on an assignment.  However, I really want this to be a fun and interactive way for them to practice and review a skill.

5.  At my school, I don't give homework (except for reading).  However, I do recommend something they can do for "extra practice" each night.  Usually I recommend an IXL lesson or one of these BOOM Learning decks.  I encourage the parents to work on it with them.
My Tip:  Make sure they know how to work the program before sending it home for homework.  You know parents will have questions...

6.  If you are familiar with E-Learning Days, then you know we don't have to come to school to make up snow days (Yes I LOVE!).  So, I have to basically teach online courses for that day.  All of my lessons and instruction has to be delivered somehow digitally.  Therefore, my teaching partner at Taking on Second and I create our own video lessons for the students to view (we are teaching the mini-lesson).  Then we provide practice over the skill.  Sometimes the practice includes a Boom Learning Deck.
My Tip: I provide an alternate for the two students that I know do not have internet in my classroom.  Usually they are task cards of some form.
An alternative I have is that I turn my Boom Decks into Task Card games.  You can view one of them by clicking on the picture below.

7.  One more cool feature of Boom is that you can share the link to your assigned deck in Google Classroom.  The kids can click on the link.  It will take them straight to the assignment.  This is great, becuase students do not have to remember what they need to work on.  When I have kids absent, they can still complete their Boom Assignment if they are able by accessing Google Classroom.  I have numerous students come to school with makeup work already completed becuase they did it all digitally at home.
Google Classroom Boom Learning Assignment
Boom Learning℠ and Boom Cards™ are the trademarks of Boom Learning Inc. Used with permission.

Let me know if you have any more questions or if you would like to see any Boom Decks made.  

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