All about Prefixes

Are you looking for new ways to teach students about Prefixes in your classroom?  Here are a few ideas and lessons you can try with your kids that might make learning about prefixes more engaging.  Freebies are Included.
Day 1:
Mini Lesson: I introduced prefixes with a BrainPop Video.  If you have access to BrainPop, I recommend watching the video.  Here are a few youtube videos you can show also.

After introducing the skill. We practiced together.  I generally do something simple during the introduction time on the whiteboard.  For this lesson, I wrote two prefixes on the board (the two I want to focus on).  We talked about what they mean, did some simple practice problems, and then I sent them off to do an activity while I walked around and helped.
Here is a picture of my cart (Don't mind the mess)
Activity:  Today was all about getting their feet wet.  I wanted them to become aware of prefixes in writing.  So I wrote several common prefixes on the whiteboard (pre, mis, un, over, re, dis).  I got out the magazines (Why do they go crazy when this happens?).  We looked through the magazines for words with prefixes.  We highlighted the words in the magazines and wrote them down on paper.  

To get magazines each year, I just ask the local libraries or parents for donations.  I always have plenty and even donate some to the art room.  
Day 2:
Mini-Lesson:  I read the book If You Were a Prefix by Marcie Aboff.  We talked about the different Prefixes found in the book and what each one meant.
I wrote the same prefixes (pre, mis, un, over, re, dis) on the whiteboard.  Beside each prefix, we talked about the meaning of the prefix based on words we already knew that used that prefix, the book we read today, and the Brainpop Video we watched yesterday.
Next, I had them bring their lists that they created yesterday with words from the magazines (see photos above) to the carpet.  We used those lists today to discuss what each word means based on the prefix. 
Activity:  We played a quick prefix game (ok so maybe like a 15 minutes).  I set a timer (using the one on Class Dojo).  The students were given cards with the prefixes mis and pre on them.  Using the word cards (root words), they had to add a prefix and create a new word.  They worked in groups of 4 and I made 7 sets of cards becuase I had 7 groups.  They simply recorded their new words on a piece of paper.
You can download the prefix flashcards here (for free!) or by clicking on the pictures below.

Day 3:
Mini-Lesson:  Today for the mini-lesson, we made a list of root words that will work with each of the prefixes we are learning about.  I wrote these root words on an anchor chart for the students to see and use during the activity.  
Independent Activity:  Today I split the class in half for independent activity time.  We did two activities today.  The first activity we did was make Prefix Rainbows (Perfect for Spring).  The students used the list we made of prefixes to make rainbows.  They had to write the words they selected in sentences using them in context correctly.  You can find this FREEBIE here or by clicking on the picture below.
The second activity we did was Prefix Digital Task Cards and Center.  For this activity, the students completed digital task cards on Google Classroom (If you are not familiar with Google Classroom, you can check out my Blog Posts on Google Classroom).  When finished, they completed a Center Activity matching and sorting prefix bats with root word baseballs.  They recored their answers on the recording sheet provided.  Printables are also included with this product for homework, RTI, small group, or more practice.

Day 4:  
Mini-Lesson:  For the lesson today, we made a list of all the words we have learned with prefixes.  We circled the prefix and highlighted the root word on our anchor chart.
Independent Activity:  Today, We played Prefix Bingo for Review as a whole class.  I used Lucky Charms as a BINGO cover.  They were mostly excited about eating the cereal when finished.  Whatever works right?  
Sometimes I don't give out rewards for BINGO or games.  I think winning is enough.  However, sometimes I notice that we need to take games more seriously sometimes, so I offer a reward every now and then.  Are you wondering what their reward was if they called BINGO?  They got an extra recess!  At our school this is a FREE way to reward our kids.  They get to go to recess with the 4th and 5th graders.  They love it!
You can grab this BINGO game, which includes several different options for play, game board options, and card options by clicking here.
Day 5:
Assessment:  Today we took a simple assessment over Prefixes.  For this assessment, I used a Boom Learning Activity I created.  First of all, If you haven't tried BOOM Learning, you must!!  Go there now.
Boom Learning is a great website for Digital Fun.  The students complete "task cards" online with an IPAD or Computer.  You can set up your classroom and find many free products to use.  Students don't need to have an individual device to use Boom Learning becuase they have a log-in and password.  Give it a try.  You can get my Prefix Boom Learning Product and directions to use by clicking here.  As a teacher, you are able to see student results in real time. I didn't grade this assessment.  However, I could see which students needed extra practice with the skill before grading an actual Printable from my Printables Pack.
Other Ideas and Tips:
Next Week, our weekly spelling words will be words with prefixes.  
Interactive Notebook Prefix Pages Freebie by I Love to Teach
Prefix Reading Passages Freebie by This Reading Mama
Hopefully you found some helpful ideas.  Do you do anything creative to teach Prefixes? I am always looking for new ideas.  Leave a comment and let me know.

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