Ways to Use Google Classroom in the Elementary Classroom

Let's face it.  Technology is all around us.  I have learned to embrace that fact and move forward figuring out unique and fun ways to use it in my classroom.

When I found out we had access to Google Classroom, of course I wanted to know all about it.  Everything I know up to this point, I taught myself by watching videos and reading blogs.  You can read how to get started with Google Classroom here.  

After setting up Google Classroom, it was time to assign assignments to the kids.  This is what I want to share with you today.  All of the assignments I have created for my kids to do using Google Classroom as a virtual way to access the assignments (if you are familiar with Blackboard, it is similar to this).  

First I started out basic by assigning websites.  When creating an assignment (See Google Classroom Link above), I just added a website link that I wanted the kids to go to and play.  So what was the website?  I was teaching double digit addition with and without regrouping.  I wanted them to play a game.  I love to use games from  Arcademic Skill Builders.  The game we played was Canoe Puppies.  I just added the title of the assignment, instructions, and the link to the website.  It took the kiddos right to the game I wanted them to play.  
Even though my kids have already completed, I created this assignment so you would see what it looked like.  When the students are finished playing, they would click on turn in so you could easily see who is done and who isn't.  

I can send instructional videos that my teaching partner Aimee at Taking on Second creates for our math block.  I send BrainPop videos, YouTube Videos, and Khan Academy Videos as well.

Next, I created an assignment and uploaded a Google Slide document (You can read all about Google Slides by clicking here) into Google Classroom.  Google Slides are the most common form of documents I have uploaded so far.  You can transfer any PowerPoint into a Google Slide Document.  Also, you can save your PowerPoints as Images and then add the images directly into Google Slides.  I have used Google slides for word work, grammar, math, vocabulary, etc.  Here are a few pictures of the assignments I have created using Google Slides.

Here you can see a few students working on these assignments using their IPADS and Google Classroom/Slides

You can find the links to these digital products by going to my Primary Scribbles TPT Store.  
Or clicking on the Pictures below.

Next, I have created Google Classroom assignments in which the students have to create their own Google Slide or Google Doc Assignment and attach it and turn it in to me when complete.  On the particular assignment below, they had to read a passage and respond to the reading by creating a Google Document and typing their response.
I have also added PDF's of stories and graphic organizers from Reading A to Z.  We are using this a lot this week with the current elections and government issues.  
As you can see here, you can attach more than one document within an assignment.  My students will complete this assignment tomorrow.  We will read the PDF together, I will project it on the whiteboard.  I attached it because they will need to refer to it when completing the assignments.
For math, students can complete math problems created via Google Slides.  One assignment I have used is my Double Digit Addition Without Regrouping Word Problem Task Cards.  The students write directly on the slide before submitting back to me.  The great part about this product is that you can customize it by deleting slides if you do not want to give the entire assignment to the students.
Here is an example of on of the slides.  You can find the product in my TPT store by clicking here or on the picture below.
For spelling, one thing I have done is have the students use the app Word Cloud to create a word cloud of the spelling words.  They will save it to their IPAD as a picture and turn it into me via Google Classroom.  They will upload it to the assignment I created as an attachment.  

Here is a picture of the file the student uploaded of their word cloud.
Finally, I created a class for morning work.  My students come in and do "fun" things on the IPAD for morning work time if they want to instead of doing morning tubs.  I have brain teasers, holiday activities, making and building words, etc.  You can really add anything you would like to add via add an attachment (PDF or Google Slides).
Here are a few benefits to using Google Classroom:
1.  Every Student at my school is 1:1.  The students can work together or apart to create projects.
2.  If a student is absent, they can make the work up at home.  I had a student miss last week.  I sent her mom a text message of the assignments she needed to make up (that we did on Google Classroom).  When she got back to school the next day, all of her make up work was complete (except 1 paper that I was grading).
3.  We will no longer make up snow days at my school because we have access to providing the students with their work during a snow day.  I have a love hate relationship with this one.  One I'm a teacher, I love snow days!  But, I'm also a teacher which means less time in the classroom teaching my kiddos curriculum and material they will need for mandated state tests.
If you missed my last post on some other technology I use in my classroom on a daily basis, you can check it out here.  
Have a Great Day!
God Bless


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