Using Google Slides in the Primary Classroom

Do you use Google Slides?  If you have access to Google Classroom and Google Slides, you should give it a try.  It is a great tool for the classroom.  My students love using Google Slides.  I use Google Slides in conjunction with Google Classroom.  You can read a blog post about Google Classroom here.
Here are a few ways I use Google Slides in my classroom.

1.  I create a Google Slide Document (either by importing a PowerPoint or creating my own) over the topic we are studying.  This can be a worksheet, task cards, question/response, etc.  Using Google Classroom, I send it out to my students.  Below, my students are working on a Google Slide document I pushed out to them.  For this Google Assignment, they had to look at a picture, decide what short a word the picture could be, and then write it on the next slide.  After they write it, they will go to the next slide to see if they spelled their word correctly.  If they didn't, they can go back and fix the word they missed before continuing.  

This girl is demonstrating what to do for the rest of the class.  I showed her what to do during small groups.  I used my Apple TV to Air Play her IPAD to my Promethean Board.  The rest of the class can watch what she is doing in real time and mimic her.

This girl is working through her Google Slide on her own.  When she gets finished, she will submit it to me by turning it in  via Google Classroom.

As you can see when pushing out a Google Slide document via Google Classroom, students can write on the document using a pen tool (provided).  These students above are using a stylus to help them write.

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When finished with this assignment, the student will submit it to me thru Google Classroom.  I will be able to see which kids have completed or not completed the assignment.  I can check their responses, grade (if I'm going to), and provide feedback all on the slides they submitted to me.  This is also a great way to keep track of records.  A paper trail right on the computer for documentation.

2.  Another way I use Google Slides is by having my students create a document themselves over key concepts we have learned.   For example, I have had them create five slides with drawings or pictures of ocean animals and then write a brief description about them.
They have also had to use Google Slides to write their vocabulary words, use them in a sentence, write the definition, synonyms, etc.
***In order for students to create google slides, they must have the app on their device.***

 The above slides show students interacting with their vocabulary words for the week.  These vocabulary words come from Amy Lemons at Step Into Second Grade.  I used her Rooted in Reading units and took a screenshot to place into Google Classroom.  The next slide, they had to use their word(s) in a sentence.

3.  Blogging.  Ok, I used to use KidBlog for my students to blog with.  Then it became a website that required a subscription.  I needed a way for my students to blog without paying for the website.  I discovered that Google Slides was a great way to do this.  They can blog on a slide and share it with other students to respond to.  It is a great tool to communicate with one another.  
To use Google Slides as a Blog,

1.  Create a Google Slide Document
2.  Create as many slides as you have students (and a cover page, directions, or anything else you want to include)
3.  On each student page, put a student name (so the student will know which slide belongs to them).
4.  Share the document via a link, email, or Google Classroom with the rest of your students allowing them to edit the document.
5.  They will Blog on their slide only!  Then they can read and post to other student slides as well.  A simple way to blog in the classroom.

4.  Shared Assignments.  This is similar to blogging except with actual questions instead of a blank document.  I create 1 assignment and allow all students (or a group if I'm working in small groups) to edit the document.  Either on the document I type the kids name next to the number(s) of questions I want them to answer or I tell the kids which slide/question number I want them to do.  I always have them type or sign their name on the slide they completed when finished.

5. Writing.  We use Google Slides to create "books", or "stories" of our writing.  They can type and illustrate with drawings or pictures right on each slide.  It is great to teach for writing a story.  We also use it for writing journals.  If I give the kids a writing prompt, they can write or type directly on the slides. Whey they get a new topic, they go to a new slide.  


1.  All of my students have email addresses.  Yes they can all log in themselves.

2.  I send home a letter to parents containing the email address and password of the student.

3.  I teach parents how to use google drive to check student work.

4.  I will share work with parents via email (if I feel they need to see something)

5.  It takes a while to get going.  We are still working out the kinks and learning along the way.

If you use Google Slides in your classroom?  How do you use it?  I am sure there are many more uses.  These are just a few of the ways I have found successful in my classroom.

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