Popping for Addition

I love math games (well I love games in general).  I am always looking for fun, worksheet free activities to do in the classroom.  The other day, I was at the Dollar Tree when I stumbled upon popcorn tubs (like in the picture above).  I bought 10 of them (they were two for a dollar). You can also find them by clicking here.  I whipped up some addition facts on popcorn and placed them into the tubs.  I placed the kids into groups.  I gave each group a popcorn tub with addition facts and a piece of paper (we just used blank paper).

The kids played in groups of 6 or 7.  We passed the popcorn tub around our group.  1 person would draw a piece of popcorn (addition fact).  They would read it.  All students would write the fact down along with the sum.  After a few seconds, the person that drew the piece of popcorn would say the answer.  We continued until everyone was able to draw 3 pieces of popcorn.
You can grab this product here to play in your classroom or by clicking on the image below.
To add a twist, after our popcorn game we had to have popcorn.  You can find cheap bags of prepopped popcorn at Kroger for about a dollar a bag.  2 bags provides enough "snack" for a class of 22.

I hope you enjoy playing this game with your class.  The best part is it can be played as an individual or in small groups during math station time.
Have a great day and God Bless!

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