Book Hunts: An Alternative to Grammar Worksheets

I really hate doing worksheets in my room.  I know they can't be helped from time to time.  However, I try to limit my worksheet usage to 1 a day.  I try to find alternative ways to teach skills.  

In grammar, I often times make my kiddos go on "Hunts" in their basal book.  This requires very few materials (if any).  The only materials they will need for a hunt is Post-It Notes or a notebook, a textbook, and a pencil.  

Before I allow the kids to do hunts, I must teach the skill I want them to "hunt" for.  Of course, I do a mini lesson over the grammar skill (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, subjects, predicates, etc...).  I talk about what the particular skill is, I do a few examples, we do a few examples, and they do a few examples.  Finally, I send them on their way (sometimes into stations) to practice the skill independently.  

During this particular hunt, the students were hunting for nouns and verbs.  They had to use their text from the week to find nouns and verbs.  The put the noun they found (and the page number) on the post-it note.  I generally give them 5 or 6 post-it notes for the activity.  Here are a few pictures of the hunt below.

What do you use for alternatives to worksheets in your classroom?
Have a great day and God Bless!

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