Meet the Teacher

 This year, we decided to have "Open House" or "Meet the Teacher" on our first staff day! Do you all have a staff day?  We only have one.  We meet as a whole district, and then with our building administration.  I don't know about you, but that is enough for one day!

But in the afternoon, my new group of kiddos (along with their parents) came to meet me.  I wanted to have something for them to do that was fun and engaging.  I decided to create stations.  I made stations signs.  You can snag them for FREE here.  They are editable, so you can make them say what works best for you.
One station was the game Bean Boozled.  Some kids were brave and attempted it!  I wasn't so brave, but I did spin the spinner.  The kids had fun trying all the different flavors.  I had juice and a "spit-up bag" just in case they needed it.  I ordered my games from Amazon.
 At another station, the students had to draw themselves.  I had the parents helping.  I want to have great portraits to display in my room.  This packet was from Amy Lemons at Step into Second Grade.  This was a step by step guide on how to draw a person.  You can find it in her store by clicking here .

Another station was Lego Olympics.  The students could build with Legos and create different items by completing some simple task cards.  This kept them busy for a while.  These are also from Amy Lemons and can be found in the same packet as above by clicking here.

The first two stations were simple, the students had to pick up their folders, and sign up for parties.  We are also a 1 to 1 IPAD school.  The parents have to review the IPAD rules and sign contracts (this was my last station).  Usually the kids are doing the "fun" stuff, while the parents are doing the "boring" stuff.

How do you do Meet the Teacher or Open House?  Have a great Open House

God Bless!

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