Math Facts Made Easy

I'll admit I hate working on math facts.  I know my kids need it, but I have a hard time spending any amount of time one math facts (when I could be doing something else).  At my school we used to have a program called Rocket Math.  It was pencil and paper.  I was horrible about fitting it in daily.  

I discovered a website called  It is a free website that kids can use to practice math facts (if you want an app, I think it is 4.99, but you can access xtramath on a tablet by going to the internet browser).  
I signed up not knowing how it would go during the middle part of last year.  I feel in love.  My kids successfully did it everyday.  They were getting better at their math facts as well.  

When they log on for the first time, students will take a placement test.  After that, the instruction is individualized for each student.  Since I teach second grade, I always start my kids out with addition.  If you taught an upper grade, you could start them out with multiplication or even division (it is a setting within the program, that you can select).  After they master one operation, the program automatically sends them to the next operation.  They also get a certificate.  

Here are a few pictures of my kiddos doing XtraMath.  They do it as part of their morning routine.  They can sit around the room while completing this.  It takes about 10 minutes to complete (or less).  They use their tablets to complete XtraMath, but if you didn't have tablets computers would work also.  Last year I only had 7 computers in my room (no tablets) in which to do XtraMath on.  We could all get finished in about 30 minutes.  
This little guy is using his fingers.  He will get faster as the year goes along. 
One game they can play is Race the Teacher.  They love racing the teacher.
How do you practice math facts in your classroom?

God Bless!

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