A Peak Inside My Classroom

I am ready!  Finally.  This summer has flown by (at least I think so).  My family took two vacations, went camping, and lived at the pool (a lot!).  Our summer break came to an end too soon.

Here is a peek at my room (with some explaining of course).  Feel free to ask any questions.
A view of the student desk work areas.  They sit on stability balls.  View from the back of my room.

View from the front of my room. I have 27 lucky second graders this year.  Which makes for a lot more than 15 (the number I had last year).  I had to fit them all in.  

Another view of the front of the room.  Our student coat cubbies are in our room.  I have a love/hate relationship with this area.  The "junk" is always on the floor and falling out.  But extra cubbies mean extra storage for me.  You guessed it, this year I don't have any extra!

A view from my classroom door.
My beach chairs.  The student of the day and a friend (of their choosing) get to sit in these for independent or station work.  The pillows, rug, and table are from IKEA.  The chairs are from a local store and I used them at home and recycled them to school after a new color of spray paint.
One small seating area for flexible seating during independent or small group work.  The scoop rockers are from Amazon.  You can find them here and the stool is from IKEA
A view of my morning work tub cart.

Instead of doing morning work this year, I am going to try morning work tubs.  The Brown Bag Teacher has a great post on this if you would like to read her blog, you can find it here.  I will post more about what are in my tubs in another post.  This is just where I store them.
Another seating option for independent or small group work.  These came from Amazon. You can find them here.
We are lucky and blessed with LOTS of technology at my school!  I can't live without my ProBoard, Document Camera, Apple TV, Blu-Ray Player, and 1-1 Ipads for all my kiddos.
My teacher area.  No desk, just a countertop and small group table. We have a nice view of an outside courtyard to look at  outside our windows (and the other part of our building).

My color theme is all over the place.  I don't know what I am going for but I think Primary and Bright even though I have several other colors included.  I see something I like, I buy it.  I don't usually look at the color (or care).

How are your classroom set-ups coming along?
God Bless!

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