A Daily Dose of News

I love reading the Daily Newspaper.  My husband and I are probably the only ones on our street that still gets the daily newspaper (except for our neighbor).  Trust me, if the newspaper isn't on time, the neighbor will call me looking for it!  I am not for sure what she thinks I can do if her newspaper doesn't come, but she calls regardless.

I wanted to be able to give my kids more non-fiction real world reading in the classroom.  I stumbled upon an app called New-O-Matic.  There is also a website, but have never used it.  
I downloaded the app and expected to pay for it (A 30 day Free Trial is given).  The app is free, but you have to pay per user.  Well, I have been using it for several months now, and have never had to pay.  I am not for sure the reasoning or if there is a glitch, but I will take it.  If you use this, has anything like this happened to you?

My kids love it.  We are 1:1 at our school, so it makes using this easy.  On the app, kids can read (or have read to) the news articles of the day (there are 5).  They can watch videos over the topic, view slideshows, take a quiz over the vocabulary, highlight, and write on the articles, etc.)   During literacy stations, I require my students to do 3 News-O-Matic Articles a week. 

After my kiddos listen or watch their news articles, I have them complete a 3-2-1 Chart.  You can get this FREEBIE and read a blog post about it from my good friend The Primary Gal by clicking here or on the picture below.
This is one of my students' favorite things to do during station time.  How do you do non-fiction in your classroom?
God Bless!

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