Getting Ready for Next Year

We are working hard in our classroom getting ready for next year.  Of course, I like to introduce multiplication to my kids at the end of the year.  They get all excited about learning something new.  Their eyes light up, and they think they are big stuff.  So here is one way I do multiplication.  Multiplication task cards become a game.  I give two partners 1 recording sheet and 1 set of tiny task cards.
Each player takes turns drawing a task card that is face down.  After drawing the task card, they draw an array to show the multiplication fact (they usually do this in their journal or on scratch paper).
After finding the answer to the problem, they will write the answer on the recording sheet with their initials.
Once one player gets three in a row, they win.  Sometimes, no one gets three in a row.  In that case, more practice!
The kids love doing this for any set of task cards.  However, I like using them for my Tiny Task Cards, because there are only 12 task cards per set.
This is a great way to use task cards as a game and in centers or stations.  I also like it because I like to introduce games to the students before we play.  This is a simple game to demonstrate as a whole class lesson before breaking into stations or groups.  
I can easily differentiate with the math multiplication sets I have.  Once a group has mastered the beginning numbers (multiplying by 0 and 1, I can move them up to the next group).  Great for students that are eager to practice lots of multiplication at the end of the year.
Now my kids are ready for multiplication in third grade.  
You can grab sets of the tiny task cards by clicking on the pictures above or these specific products by clicking on the pictures below.

God Bless!

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