Camping with an Educational Twist

Do you like to go camping?  This week, my kids got to do jus that.  We went camping with an educational twist!

This week, we had a short week.  We didn't have school on Monday.  Tuesday we had a field trip, and Friday is our Field Day.  That leaves two days of instruction.  I decided this was the perfect time for a classroom vacation.  We chose a camping trip.  Luckily my husband and I have a small tent (which never gets used, but sits in our garage).  I asked him nicely (or made) him bring it down and set it up while we were on our field trip.  
The kids were excited to have a class camping trip for two days.  We read, ate s'mores and popcorn, and played a few games.  After all, camping should be fun.
I made a S'mores bar for them to fill a baggie.  I just broke up graham crackers, mini marshmallows, and M'and M's (believe it or not they were cheaper than chocolate chips).  The kids had fun filling their baggies for a delicious camping snack.
We read in the tent and played our tablets.  The kids wore jammies and brought in pillows and blankets.
 We also read by firelight and flashlights (or finger lights)
After reading for a while, the students were allowed to play games.  One group of boys chose Prodigy over any other game (even non-educational) to play.  If you haven't checked out Prodigy, you should.  My kids are addicted and could play for hours.  It is even educational! And FREE!

The next day, we had a contraction campout.  We had a contraction carnival during our campout.  We used the carnival pack found here

The kids had a blast reviewing contractions.  It is a good thing we reviewed.  Some of them seemed to forget that we even talked about contractions numerous times this year.  Why does that happen?  Here are pictures of the kiddos working with contractions.
He is coloring a carnival page (color by contraction)
These two are playing carnival concentration.  They are matching the contraction to the word
She is matching tickets to the ticket booth.

This group is trying to put puzzles together
These kiddos are working on printables during their rotation

My kiddos are disappointed that camping is over.  Our vacation is about to come to an end.  We have two more weeks of school left.  Next week, we will return to our normal routine before the madness of the last week begins.

God Bless!

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