What a Week!

This week got off to a ROCKY start!  We had a delay because of the cold, which means school would begin at 10.  At 8:15, I got a phone call from another teacher in my building that said my room was flooded!  I was in disbelief.  I couldn’t believe it.  I was like “What do you mean, flooded?”  She said lots of stuff was ruined.  My first thought was “Oh no, All the money I have invested!”.  Then I thought “What are we going to do for class, supplies, etc.?”.  Well, I made it to school to literally see a pond in my room, my classroom cleared out like it was summer, and school staff cleaning water up.  What a nightmare. 
My room was a mess!!!

A Pond of Water in My Room


Ceiling Tiles and Damage Everywhere!
Kids Desk Contents Destroyed!


Our Principal and Superintendent hard at work!

Our Principal Cleaning
The next step was to figure out where to put the kids. Well, we have this one location in our building known as the “Tech Cage”.  It is hardly every used, and kinda like a field trip for kids, if you know what I mean.  So I decided we would go there for our day.  I didn’t know how much I would be able to teach or if I would be interrupted to go deal with the contents of my room, but off we went.  Needless to say, not much teaching was done, but the kids had fun exploring the room and twirling around in the chairs.  They begged to go back the next day, and I decided we would not go back the next day!!!
Full of Round Tables and Swirly Chairs!


While we were there, we did play a game called BLASTOFF! From my friend and teaching partner over at TakingonSecond.  The kids loved it, and it is a great way to practice spelling words, sight words, word wall words, etc. You can find this FREEBIE in her store or by clicking here (or on the picture).
When we did make it back to our room (on Thursday afternoon), I had to put everything back just like I was getting my room ready for a new year (not what I wanted to do while teaching).  Luckily my kids were a big help!  But we still aren’t finished.
We did make the most of our week by doing some review task cards that practice the skills antonyms, pronouns, and the long I sound.  You can grab this FREEBIE in my store, clicking here, or on the picture below.

I put the cards around the room in 4 stacks. They had to go around to those 4 stacks answering the questions.  They had fun practicing these skills that we have already been working on.  I checked them when they got finished, but you could easily turn this into a self-checking center by including the answer key at the station.  They were up moving and learning at the same time.  They enjoy these tasks.
OK…. (not teaching related)! My family had to make a trip to SAM’s Club to purchase diapers, wipes, and formula.  Talk about breaking the bank (there went my paycheck).  While there, I snapped a cutie of my three kiddos:  Emmalee who is 5, Carter who is 2, and Mollie who is 6mths.  Hopefully next week will be much more uneventful.  We are going to study MLK (since we had such a wild and crazy week this week).

The three most important kiddos in my life!!

God Bless!!

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