Learning, Moving, and Exercising!!

 My kids like to move!   As long as we are moving, they are on task.  Therefore, I needed a task that would cause them to move while practicing and learning at the same time.
Answering the questions!

I came up with the idea of Task Card Sprints.  These cute little cards contain QR codes for self-checking. 

That is not all!  Guess what the best part is…..These task cards contain brain breaks built in!  Moving, Learning, Exercising, Self-Checking!  These make for great small group task cards!

Doing Sit-Ups!  Ok, so second graders need some practice with sit-Ups.

Ok, so here is a hint *they don’t work that well for whole group*  Why?  The students all have to start at the same card!  Now how they progress after that, will be up to them.  But, you don’t want 20 kids (or more) running to the same START card.  So my solution is to print off several copies of the task cards if you want to do whole group and place several copies around the room so there will be multiple START cards and multiple of the other cards as well.  Or, complete the task cards in small group or during station time.  There is self-checking available.  If they get it wrong, they just try again and then follow the directions to move on.  Easy as Pie! 
Doing jumping jacks!

To get a copy of these task cards, click on picture or link below.  I have several different skills made, and plan to make more. 
 Task Card Sprints

Have a Great Week!  God Bless

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