A Week in Review

What a Week!  We didn’t have school on Monday or Tuesday because of snow.  Doesn’t that just ruin any lesson plans you had done! 
To top it off, I had passed out morning work and homework to begin a unit on Monday.  When I finally went to school on Wednesday (with a delay because of snow/ice), I had to collect all the homework and morning work I already passed out on the one week I was prepared ahead of time.

Back to the snow days, my daughter needed some work to do (she begs for lessons) because she is only 5.  She needs to work on her sight words, so I made a quick Sight Word Printable Pack for her to work on.


My second grade teaching partner and I decided not to begin a reading story with such a short week on our hands.  My classroom filled the time by learning about citizens, government, and laws (look for a new product soon).

For writing, we started a writing assignment called Trapped in a Snow Globe by my teaching partner at Taking onSecond.  We aren’t finished, but my kiddos have a great start.  This is such a good class, that during writing time, they can sit around the room (and they stay on task!!!!).

We also picked out books for our book clubs/literature circles that will start during Guided Reading Groups next week.  My kiddos were excited to learn about their book choices and to select the one they would like to read.

Oh and did I tell you I got a ClassroomFriendly Pencil Sharpener?  OMG I love it!  It gets the pencils so sharp.  I won’t let my students use it, because they tear too much stuff up as it is.  I need this pencil sharpener to last for a while.  If you don’t have one, I really suggest you try it out for yourself.  I dont think you will be disappointed.

Some parents really are thankful for teachers and all we do.  I got a lovely little card and two bags of my favorite Valentine Candy!  I haven’t had her son in my class for two years!  What a blessing parents can be.  It made my Friday.

Since we had a snow day on Monday and Tuesday, we have to go on MLK Day for makeup Day!  So I spent the day on Saturday working on my PintrestBoards.  I have been busy changing the cover photos to my boards. 


Have a great week! God Bless

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  1. We're working on a snow globe writing assignment in my class, too! We had a huge snowstorm during Christmas break that is still melting today. (Which is amazing considering that we're in the desert.) I got some cute pictures of my students in the snow for their snow globe craftivity.