Summer Share and Prepare: Math Notebooks

Do you use Math Notebooks or Journals in your classroom?
In my classroom, I use math journals as part of my daily rotation.  Students will visit the math journal station each day with a specific job!  They must work in their math notebook for 10 minutes. 

What do they do in their Math Journals?
I have created several sets of journal prompts for second grade relating to our math series (Envision) as well as Common Core (with more to come).

How does math journal work?
When students get to the math journal station, they grab their journal and choose at random (or sometimes I pick) a few journal prompts to glue in notebook and answer.  Sometimes, I let them pick and sometimes I pick for them depending on what I want them to do.  If students are finished with their math journal prompt(s) before time is up, they just select another one (or two) to do.  I have plenty for each skill.

How Do I store my journal Prompts?
I store my journal prompts in a baby wipe container.  The kids reach in and answer them at random (unless I give them a specific one (or two) to answer.

What is Included in a math notebook product?
For only $1.00 you get teacher directions, a student poster (with an example of how to answer the journal prompt) and at least 12 different journal prompts per skill. 

To view this math notebook set click here:

To view other math notebook sets click here: (and search for math notebook)

When it is time to switch math groups, students put their math notebooks away in the proper place and switch groups.  I check math journals when students come to me during teacher time.  They bring their notebook (because we are usually doing interactive stuff during this time and will need it) with them to teacher time.  I quickly check the journal prompt/responses and provide feedback before moving on to our interactive teacher time lesson.



  1. I love using math notebooks in my classroom, too! Thanks for sharing!
    Always Kindergarten

  2. Hi Cassondra, it's great to connect with another second grade teacher. Flipping through your products, I saw several that would help my students during the year! Excited to follow you for more! Thanks for linking up with Summer Share and Prepare!
    Once Upon a Classroom: A Teacher's Tales