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What is Boom Learning?

Guys and Gals!  I am telling you If you have not tried or heard of BOOM Learning you must go there after reading this post.  Hopefully this post will make you want to go there even more.  My kids LOVE BOOM Learning™(I do too!!)

All about Prefixes

Are you looking for new ways to teach students about Prefixes in your classroom?  Here are a few ideas and lessons you can try with your kids that might make learning about prefixes more engaging.  Freebies are Included.

Double Digit Addition in the Primary Classroom

It is amazing to me how my little ones come to me only being able to add two small single digit numbers together and then after a few months can add (and subtract) with double digits.
During math, I try to incorporate as many movement activities and manipulatives that I can.  I will share a few of these with you.

Ways to Use Google Classroom in the Elementary Classroom

Let's face it.  Technology is all around us.  I have learned to embrace that fact and move forward figuring out unique and fun ways to use it in my classroom.

When I found out we had access to Google Classroom, of course I wanted to know all about it.  Everything I know up to this point, I taught myself by watching videos and reading blogs.  You can read how to get started with Google Classroom here.  

Using Google Slides in the Primary Classroom

Do you use Google Slides?  If you have access to Google Classroom and Google Slides, you should give it a try.  It is a great tool for the classroom.  My students love using Google Slides.  I use Google Slides in conjunction with Google Classroom.  You can read a blog post about Google Classroom here.
Here are a few ways I use Google Slides in my classroom.

Going Digital in the Primary Classroom

Let's face it!  We are moving into a learning environment where lessons are completed digitally.  I am blessed to teach at a school that is overflowing with technology (so much so that I can't even wrap my head around all the technology that we have).  With all the technology we have, I have had to figure out and create ways to use it in my classroom (and make it meaningful). 
Each student in my classroom (and school building Pre-K thru 12) is issued an IPAD.  My job was to find educational apps, programs, and games for the kids to complete on the IPAD.  Why?  We decided that we would no longer make-up snow days.  We would complete E-Learning Days instead.  Ok as a person who loves my job, but loves to stay home more, I am jumping for joy.  As a teacher I'm kinda bummed,  felt like it was one less day of teaching instruction.  But then I discovered lots of opportunities my students have with their IPADS.